Tricept vs Robots and Machine Tools


Tricept vs Robots and Machine Tools


One of the first questions we receive about Tricept is the following: How does Tricept compares to Articulated Robots and Machine Tools?

The question is reasonable if we think that users are more used to work with robotics handling (Articulated Robots - Fig. 1) or maybe coming from the machining side (Machine Tools - Fig. 2). In fact, the unique configuration of the Tricept modules makes them to be able to work in robotics applications (the T60X family) but also work successfully in machining applications (tricept T805 in HSM aluminum and T9000 in hard metals such as steel and titanium).

Articulated Robot

Fig. 1. Typical Articulated Robot. Serial Kinematics - SKM.


MAchine tools

Fig. 2 Different types of Machine Tools. Serial Kinematics - SKM.


In general, the following graph (Fig. 3) shows the comparison between tricept modules and their counterparts, articulated robots and machine tools.


Comparison tricept vs SKM

Fig. 3 Comparison of PKM-tricept modules vs SKM (Robots and Machine Tools)

In the graph above it can be clearly observed main characteristics of the tricept (Hybrid PKM machine) versus the Serial Kinematics Machines more used in the market (Articulated robots & Machine tools).

In terms of speed, tricept is comparable to articulated robots, while machine tools usually have less dynamics due to the fact they have to move masive masses needed to get a very high accuracy and stiffness. In fact, the Machine tools excel in these two characteristics compared to the articulated robots, which accuracy (around 0,2 mm) and stiffness are very low. If we compared Tricept (Fig. 4) with articulated robots, we see that in terms of Accuracy and Stiffness the performance of the tricept is more close to the machine tools. In fact, tricept stiffness is around 10 times better than articulated robots and accuracy rounds 0,05 mm. These values make it possible to deal with machining getting close to the results obtained with Machine Tools.


Tricept module T9000

Fig. 4 Drawing of a Tricept module


In terms of Flexibility, tricept modules are comparable to the articulated robots, and both of them out perform Machine Tools, which usually are fixed and very few flexible to adapt to part changes. Normally the part needs to adapt to the Machine Tool.

Working with Tricept brings flexibility in production to the reality. Now it is possible to machine with very good accuracy and stiffness while still being able to adapt the tricept to the part. This novel concept can change the way mechanical design is nowadays performed, getting rid of the limits that Machine Tools impose to the parts.


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